mercredi 2 octobre 2013

Postmarxism : A historical materialism. introduction

While revolutions have been in the past acceleration of history in which one of the exploiting classes suffered a defeat, the arriving revolisation just see the defeat of two strata , and the taken of human  leadership by the stratum of Innovatings .
Stratum of Repeatings workers and stratum of Parasites will experience their first civilization defeat since nearly 10,000 years. The victory of the stratum of Innovatings will be the end of the class struggle.

The postmarxism is not an antimarxism .
As the neomarxism was not an antimarxism .
The neos of the 30s - they claimed to establish a neo- socialism - were nothing new . They were the ideologues of formoisie trying to reconcile capitalism and new privileges for high-formoisie .
Those who were trying to sell us as " neomarxists " were only reformists trying to throw Marx overboard .
The only real neomarxism was founded in 1993 by producing the concept of " formoisie", then in 1996 , the concept of " innovoisie " .
The only scientific neomarxism could only add additional classes.
Refining the concept of " added value " . Specifying what the " transfer of surplus value " etc ...
This is far from the antimarxist gibberish of the Frankfurt School .
They just make the soothing ointment to allow them to consume the colonial loot without too bad conscience.
While the true scientific neomarxism could only lead to the abolition of thediplomas ( in 1993 by the discovery of formoisie as exploiting class ) and that of the abolition of copyright (following the discovery of innovoisie in 1996).

The neomarxism could only be scientific . And be a historical materialism.

The postmarxism , too, is a historical materialism.
It is consistent with the theories of dialectical materialism. It is consistent with the theories of "materialistic Manifesto" ,
The Scientific postmarxism does not deny the class struggle.
He admits the existence of other predatory classes found in the neomarxism .
But he denies labor value .
He even criticizes marxism that have denied the labour of ancestors, denying the life and work of the stratum of Innovatings .

For the postmarxism , the motor of history is not a struggle. Neither the class struggle nor the strata struggle.
The motor of history is simply this stratum of Innovatings .

It discovers, it invented , it creates art .
And these are innovations that are human progress .
The struggle exists.
But it is the struggle of the stratum of Parasites against the stratum of Innovatings .
This struggle has absolutely no progressive character .
It is a struggle of humanity against his cancer.
A cancer that is destroying humanity (7 million babies die per year in 2005 ) , a cancer that destroys the cradle of humanity - 200 GtC of carbon cover over our heads ! 7GtC and more each year .
Cancer that will need an emergency stop .
It is time for Innovatings halt the destruction of youth , ability to discover, to invent, to create art .
It is time that the stratum of Innovatings prevents Parasites destroy Innovative youth to make Repeatings.

It is precisely this phenomenon that no researcher has understood on the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions.
They are not only of class struggles . They are mostly the refusal of African youth to be destroyed as young Innovatings to force them to work for one fifth of the minimum wage in France serving morons slavers .
The strata struggle is shaking up the planet.
And only real postmarxism can provide the conceptual keys what happens .
The Earth is our homeland.
We will win .

Yanick Toutain

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